Bingo seating rules

We are taking reservation for bingo on Tuesday, starting Monday at 2PM. There is a $5 per seat charge for the reservation that can be applied to the bill only for that day. There are a total of 30 seats, when sold out, no more reservations will be allowed. The online ordering is not working yet, the customer must come in to pay. The reserved seating is for the 30 chairs set up by the pool table.

  1. There will be no bingo seating until 530.  The server will seat the guest.

  2. Customers who are ordering from the regular menu will be given seats before 530.  Those customers can hold the table for bingo if they are ordering otherwise they must leave.  

  3. Customers who are waiting for bingo and the bingo menu can get on a waiting list for a table.  We will give them a number, and seat them in that order.

  4. Bingo customers may not hold seats for anyone, you must be present.  All seats will be used, booths will have 4 people even if it’s not the same party.

  5. There are some exceptions to the rules to accommodate guests with special needs, wheelchairs, older people with health issues.